Monday, October 19, 2015

Dragon Fruits in India

India is vast continent . And its climatical conditions varies. Dragon fruits is a cactus plant that can survive in many climatical situations. Be it dry or wet. Unlike like Malaysia is tropical country where rainfall is very high  annually, dragon fruits suffers a lot of disease problems. This is especially when the plants have grown bigger with excessive water shoots.

Someone from India has approached  me about dragon fruit planting in India. To be exact the planting is  in Bombay, where dry weather persists. From the picture they sent, the farm is quite big and clean.Plants are quite young and did not encounter much problems.

A newly establish dragon fruit farm in Bombay India

From my comments is that the farms will anticipate many problems in future if necessary actions is not carried out.


1. Surveillance
2. Pruning
5.Post harvest handling
6.Planting materials for reselling.
7.Agricultural inputs.

I hope this farm will become a model farm in India, There are very big market in India especially for fresh consumption and planting materials supply.

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Vietnamese Private Tours said...

Dragon Fruit is from Hylocereus species and from the cacti family is shaped like the dragon also known as the pitahaya or pitaya. The pulp of this fruit contains many small and black seeds