Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blog Awards

My blog was featured in the Award Blog ( I am grateful that someone apprecciate my work. I will try to add more info to this blog coz right now I quite tight with my work.My other blog could be read at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dragon Fruit Drinks

Previously, I have posted about dragon fruits drinks. Dragon fruits could also be self-made or processed as enzymes. The process is quite simple and easy to make.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean a large glass jar using hot water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to air dry.Wash and air dry fresh and ripe fruit. Remove the peels, which can be used in a vegetable enzyme for cleaning or in compost. NOTE: Use a 3-1 ratio. This means Three (3) part fruit. One (1) part sugar (or honey).

Step 2
Using your chosen fruit: pineapples, orange, lime, raspberry, lemon and apple are good choices. AS YOU CUT, layer the pieces of fruit in the jar. Do not lie the fruit outside of the jar or place on a counter. This can cause contamination. If you’re using pineapple, remove the eyes. Do not put the eyes into the fruit layer. Do not allow flies near your operation! The first layer of fruit should be 1/3 of the bottle.
Step 3

Add a 1/3 layer of brown sugar (or honey) to the top of the fruit.

Step 4

Repeat this procedure another 2-3 times, alternating fruit and sugar as if making lasagna until the jar is full. The last layer should be sugar (or honey).IMPORTANT: Allow breathing room at the top of the jar. This allows the process to release natural gases.

Step 5
During the first two weeks every 3 days shake the jar and stir the contents.

Step 6
Re-seal the container, but not too tight. If you plan on using the enzyme for chronic illness: Allow the fruit to ferment for 1 month.For the best results allow the fruit to ferment for 4 months at which time the ph level should be 4.

Step 7
HARVESTINGPour the enzyme into bottles glass bottles for storing using cheesecloth and funnel.

Step 8
PRESERVATIONAlthough refrigeration isn’t necessary, the enzyme should be stored in a cool dry place.

Step 9
CONSUMPTIONIdeally taken an hour prior to eating, place a tablespoon of enzyme under your tongue and swallow slowly. This is said to stimulate the nerves to promote blood circulation.Fruit enzymes are the ultimate healthy remedy


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Belated Technical Paper

I have written a technical paper which was presented in Plant Physiology Conference in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. The title of the paper was Challenges in Dragon Fruit Growing in Malaysia. It was co-authored with one of my colleagues.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Phytoalbumin in Dragon Fruits Seeds

One of the report I have read that dragon seeds contains phytoalbumin besides antioxidants. The seeds are found in the pulp of the fruit. These are very small, colored black, and covered by mucilage.This is very interesting that this substance can cure cancer. This is an added value to dragon fruits to become medicinal plants. So far reports have shown that cancer are difficult to fight due to free radicals. Then, please encourage consumers to eat a lot of dragon fruits.It has alot of medicinal value in it.

Moreover, it enhances metabolism and improves memory, digestion and immune system. It also helps maintain clear vision, reduces fat, bad cholesterol, hypertension and blood glucose, strengthens bones and teeth development, promotes tissue development, improves appetite, moisturizes and smoothens skin, and is good for the liver.

Other benefits in dragon fruits includes;

Rich in phytoalbumins, highly regarded for their antioxidant qualities.

Valuable in the prevention of cancer-causing free radicals, lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

Rich in vitamin C and minerals.

A good source of natural dietary fiber, promoting regularity and weight loss.

Low in calories.
While, antioxidants can put off cholesterol from leaving their scratch on your body, they can also be used for a range of other problems. For instance, are you losing your vision at an early age? To your surprise, antioxidants can stop potential eye ailments such as cataracts. They also maintain your immune system in top shape, as it protects viruses from slowing you down. For this cause alone, antioxidants are amazing resources. They not only sustain your health, but they permit you to stop the hands of time, particularly if you are already noticing wrinkles and high blood pressure.

Obviously antioxidants are essential, but where can they be found? For decades, the average consumer understood that these chemicals were only found in luxurious organic foods. However, they can be found in the most simple of products. Broccoli, for example, is a brilliant source full of antioxidants. With the talent to lock doors on possible cancers and heart illness, these antioxidants indeed show your body that health is appropriate. Moreover, berries, spinach, and soy also have antioxidants. Since these foods are quite ordinary around the earth, anyone can easily buy these high in antioxidant foods at their local shop.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Antioxidant activity (ORAC) and total phenolics

Antioxidant activity (ORAC) and total phenolics of dragon fruits and fruits and vegetables compared to the selected tropical fruits

Fruit µM TE/g puree Total phenolic µg GA/g puree
blueberries 14 - 38 1810 - 4580
black raspberry 28.2 2670
blackberry 22.4 2260
garlic 19.4
red raspberry 18.2 2340
red guava 16.7 2317
strawberry 15.36
strawberry 14.9 1030
carambola 12.94 2208
spinach 12.6
white guava 9.9 1589
plum 9.49
red dragon 7.59 1076
orange 7.5
grape,red 7.39
mame 6.56 1010
kiwi fruit 6.02
lychee 5.42 770
grapefruit, pink 4.83
grape, white 4.46
longan 3.31 482
white dragon 2.96 523
banana 2.21
apple 2.18
ripe mango 2.17 509
carrot 2.1
tomato 1.89
green mango 1.49 50

Friday, February 20, 2009

Revolutionize Your Cultivation in Dragon Fruits

Normally farmers in Malaysia planted dragon fruits 3 meter X 3 meter, which makes 500 poles or stake to an acre using about 2,000 cuttings. However, with a high density planting concept (close planting) more plants could be planted to a unit area up to 10,000 plants per acre.
I have seen a farm which practice this technique. In this way yield could be increase tremendously.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Back Again

I have been away for a month and half and now I'm back again. From I what I observed my visitor's counter has hit 10K. Not bad.
Actually during that absence I was doing my hajj pilgrimage in Makkah , Saudi Arabia. There I performed my prayer, thawaf, saie, wukuf , mabit and jamarat . During my presence, about 4 million people were there. They have to wear ihram ( 2- piece white seamless clothes for males). Every body is equal - rich or poor, strong or weak etc. No differences in races. Hajj video here.

The food in Saudi is very expensive . Fruits like banana may fetch up to USD 2 per kg. Apple -1 USD per piece.

The weather was extremely hot and hazy. In Madinah , 400 km north of Makkah. the weather was very cool in the morning - up 8 C.

Fruits like dragon fruits was hardly seen.However there is very great potential to export there.