Monday, May 17, 2010

Standards of Planting Materials Specifications.

I have just finished preparing Standards of Planting Materials for Dragon Fruits with SIRIM. The Bahasa Malaysia version has completed for submission and public circulation. The English version has completed with a few corrections and ammendments.

We hope that the Standards for preparing planting materials will be used as guidelines for nurseries and growers soon. This is in particular to avoid unscruplous sellers to cheat growers with unauthentic planting materials.

Many farmers have been cheated by irresponsible brokers and sellers to promote their planting materials. This has caused many farms to 'close shop' and cannot operate due to low quality planting materials.

So if you are interested to invest in this lucrative farming, my advice is that solicit or ask the right fellas so that you are been conned.

Good luck.