Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To Buy Dragon Fruits in Supermarkets

Dragon fruits have high antioxidants particularly betacynin besides, it also contains phytoalbumins. These phytochemicals are good for the body especially to fight against cancer and bowels movement. But, if you want to buy dragon fruits from supermarkets here are some clues.
Look for fresh fruits, makesure the 'bracts' are not bruised or damaged. The fruits are soft and crush-free, reddish and round shape. (Some had oval shapes). The weight of the fruit is heavy and hard. It is also good if individual fruit are wrapped with soft polystyrene plastic or cover, so that fruits could not easily bruised.

One true story that I would like to share is that  one my friend who is about to conceive a baby. She was waiting quite sometime to have labour. While waiting, she took 2 or three  dragon fruits. Gosh.. it goes. She conceive easily. Happily after.

Another story, a friend of mine said his son had hypertension with 200/100 pressure. The doctor told his son to take about 8 pills, so he took it but nothing happen.Suddenly, his father got an idea and  gave his son  3 dragon fruits to eat- morning, afternoon and evening. You know what happen? the blood pressure went down to 140/80. So can try.

Dragon fruits sold in supermarkets.It is better if they are individually wrapped with polystyrene wrappers.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Email from India (Cultivation of Dragon Fruit in India)

Email from sabari uma (India)

Dear sir,

Thanks for sharing your article with me , it was useful but i have few question for you , what is the right temperature to grow this fruit . 

for example i have farms in hill station where the max temp is 35 to 36 and the min temp is 17 to 20 c . and i have farm with 38 to 40 high temp and min of 20 to 22 c . so which climate is best to cultivate dragon fruit ? is my first question and what is best variety to cultivate ?

please guide me in detail to get more information on dragon fruit cultivation .

Thanking you ,

Kind Request , 


Thank you. You can read my article at Should need help pls contact me.

Friday, April 5, 2013

My Article in Newspaper (Bahasa Melayu)

I was not aware that my article was published earlier. It can be read at

Mechanized Dragon Fruit Harvesting

Here are some videos of how mechanized of post harvest in dragon fruit is done. I hope you can get some idea. This amateur video was taken by me and not well organized. Ii includes washing, weighing and grading.