Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Back Again

I have been away for a month and half and now I'm back again. From I what I observed my visitor's counter has hit 10K. Not bad.
Actually during that absence I was doing my hajj pilgrimage in Makkah , Saudi Arabia. There I performed my prayer, thawaf, saie, wukuf , mabit and jamarat . During my presence, about 4 million people were there. They have to wear ihram ( 2- piece white seamless clothes for males). Every body is equal - rich or poor, strong or weak etc. No differences in races. Hajj video here.

The food in Saudi is very expensive . Fruits like banana may fetch up to USD 2 per kg. Apple -1 USD per piece.

The weather was extremely hot and hazy. In Madinah , 400 km north of Makkah. the weather was very cool in the morning - up 8 C.

Fruits like dragon fruits was hardly seen.However there is very great potential to export there.