Thursday, October 18, 2012

MAHA International

Malaysia is proud to have this event that is to be scheduled Nov.23 to Dec.2, 2012. This event will take off for every two years. We are exciting to be there. Numerous meetings are held at every level now and then, to ensure this event happens and become one of the best agricultural festival in the country.You can browse at

For those who would like to buy  agricultural produces like fruits, vegetables, ulam, kueh-kueh, fertilizers, whats not; please bring your trolleys and wear proper attire and umbrella as well. Normally, in December it always rain.(Of course your money too).

I will be presenting a poster at one of the conference that is to be held concurrently. 

Since, this an international event, many technologies esp. in  agriculture will be shown. We will see many new things related to agriculture.