Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bad Time

I went to Cameron Highlands  (CH) for  a day to see the agricultural activities there. Most of the farms were growing highlands vegetables. The temperature is cool which is about 15-24 C. There are a lot of flowers been grown too. The reports about CH that I read a lot was about excessive land expansion not according to environmental procedures that has caused a lot of erosion. Besides, water quality has been spoilt due to excessive usage of chemicals and fertilizers. CH has been over populated and expansion should controlled by responsible government agencies. Farmers should look other lands with similar conditions for temperate vegetable growing. From CH we by-passed  Blue Valley to Lojing Highlands.

I made a  visit to one of dragon fruit farm in Lojing Highlands, somewehere in Gua Musang, in the state of Kelantan where a dragon fruit was planted. Sadly to say ...Oh poor, what a bad time... The  200 acre-farm was  full of diseases. I think the owner must have lost a lot of money. But according to one of the workers there, the farm was producing very well for about a year or two, then disease came in. From what I obsereved nothing much could be help, because most of the plants were infected although the plants survive. To me this farm is at stage 4 - badly damaged and not economic to maintain or retain the plants in the field. Other crops should be planted what else.. maybe oil palm is the best solution.