Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planting Materials Specifications on Dragon Fruits (Bahasa Melayu Version)

SIRIM had already published planting materials specification in Bahasa Melayu. It can found at We are working very hard to submit the English Version and should be ready soon for approval. I hope those people down there be a little bit  patience to get a copy.

From what I noticed at MAHA 2010 not a single booth shows dragon fruits. It is completely vanished from the farm or market  or right now it is not fruiting due to rainy season?   don't know exactly. I hope this dragon fruit farming will make a comeback and makes eveybody happy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

MAHA International Is Around the Corner

For those of you who have time, don't miss MAHA International which will be started from 26 Nov until Dec.5. This year there will be a lot of shows locally and abroad. But one thing, the weather is going a bit wet so please bring the necessary items you.

For those we had not been here,  please come early and please bring enough money to buy plants, books, handicrafts, foods, etc. We expect more than 1 million visitors to come.

This is a public event so dont miss the boat.

I will be there almost all the time pls contact me if you need assistance.

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Talk

I had given a talk on dragon fruits. The audience was good and recepetive. Many questions asked of how to survive dragon planting in Malaysia. My response was that Dragon cultivation is not a "Touch and Go" farming, the grower should vision themselves where he/she is going to bring the business.
My abstract is as below;


Malaysia is blessed with good tropical climate. Many crops can be grown like rubber, oil palm, paddy and cocoa besides fruits. One of the recent newcomers in the Malaysian fruit industry is dragon fruits. After many trials and errors, dragon cultivation has made its niche in the Malaysian fruit industry. Although its investment is lucrative however, there are many challenges lie ahead to enhance its production.
This paper will discuss several issues pertaining to the industry and strategies to be taken in order to move forward. Accredited planting materials and resistant varieties are the major limiting factors that hinder its future expansion and sustainability. The dragon fruit cultivation is this country could again be profitable and rewarding if good agro-management measures are sought properly.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bad Time

I went to Cameron Highlands  (CH) for  a day to see the agricultural activities there. Most of the farms were growing highlands vegetables. The temperature is cool which is about 15-24 C. There are a lot of flowers been grown too. The reports about CH that I read a lot was about excessive land expansion not according to environmental procedures that has caused a lot of erosion. Besides, water quality has been spoilt due to excessive usage of chemicals and fertilizers. CH has been over populated and expansion should controlled by responsible government agencies. Farmers should look other lands with similar conditions for temperate vegetable growing. From CH we by-passed  Blue Valley to Lojing Highlands.

I made a  visit to one of dragon fruit farm in Lojing Highlands, somewehere in Gua Musang, in the state of Kelantan where a dragon fruit was planted. Sadly to say ...Oh poor, what a bad time... The  200 acre-farm was  full of diseases. I think the owner must have lost a lot of money. But according to one of the workers there, the farm was producing very well for about a year or two, then disease came in. From what I obsereved nothing much could be help, because most of the plants were infected although the plants survive. To me this farm is at stage 4 - badly damaged and not economic to maintain or retain the plants in the field. Other crops should be planted what else.. maybe oil palm is the best solution.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Standards of Planting Materials Specifications.

I have just finished preparing Standards of Planting Materials for Dragon Fruits with SIRIM. The Bahasa Malaysia version has completed for submission and public circulation. The English version has completed with a few corrections and ammendments.

We hope that the Standards for preparing planting materials will be used as guidelines for nurseries and growers soon. This is in particular to avoid unscruplous sellers to cheat growers with unauthentic planting materials.

Many farmers have been cheated by irresponsible brokers and sellers to promote their planting materials. This has caused many farms to 'close shop' and cannot operate due to low quality planting materials.

So if you are interested to invest in this lucrative farming, my advice is that solicit or ask the right fellas so that you are been conned.

Good luck.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show (MAHA) 2010 will be held from end of November to Mid December 2010 this year. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture recently over radiobroadcast. This year will attract 2 million visitors to the show which will be held at the MAEPS in Serdang, Malaysia. So those who did not where the place is , please browse Google Earth.

This is the biggest agricultural event in Malaysia which was once launched in 2008. It has attracted about 1 million visitors then. We expect a lot will turn up this year.

There will be local and international booths from all agriculture sectors, besides naming champion farmer of the year, fisherman of the year, and livestock rearer of the year and many more events. Events from livestock, fishery and agriculture, state pavillions, and whats not.

As time passed by, many improvements have been made especially exposition halls, fields, transportation and so on. One must bring the neccesary items like umbrella, drinks, etc wear sports shoe, T-shirt, stroller or trolley to buy plants etc. Trams will be there to bring you around in 500 acre expo. Don't miss.

The event to held is just next to my office. What a pleasure...Welcome to Malaysia.

Pls contact me if you happen to visit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Recent Visit to Dragon Fruit Farms

I was invited by my friends to visit dragon fruits in Negri Sembilan.This states had one of the largest farms in Malaysia besides Johor before. From my visits I could make a few conclusions .
1. Farms should have a good sanitation and crop husbandary to control disease. This is particularly pruning techniques and weed control.Bacterial and fungal diseases are easily carried by vectors such as plant hoppers or ants that carried the spores from one plant to another.Therefore such insects should be get rid off either by sprayings of insecticides, fungicides etc.

Alex and Lai accompanied me during the visit

2. Applictions of chemical insectides or fungicide plus foliar fertilzer should be mechanized. This is ensure all plants obtain all neceassary nutrients needed.

Healthy dragon fruit plants need to do surveillance every day or every other day as to ascertain no disease occurred.

Mechananized chemical appplication ofd insecticides,fungicides and foliar fertilizers using motorised spraryers

3. Farms that has infected should take a quick action, dont wait the disease has infected all the farms especially due festive seasons

Insects like Helopeltis can easily spread the disease due to its sucking habit.

Infected farms should take fast action to eradicate the disease otherwise the farm will collapsed.