Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More dragon fruit diseases-poster

There was a poster at the National Fruit Conference 2007 in Johere Bahru, Malaysia. It covers fungal and bacterial diseases. Why this happens and how to solve it.
Above in a poster regarding to dragon fruit diseases.

Should any one interested please email me or call me.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Disease -Free Dragon Fruit Planting Materials

The dragon fruit is usually propagated by seeds or cuttings. Although several studies have examined these general propagation methods of dragon fruit, no widely available information currently exist as to the protocols for production of high quality planting material of Selenicereus megalanthus via tissue culture system. Even in the absence of an efficient protocol, there remains the need to quantify the impact of micropropagated material of yellow dragon fruits in the field.

Plant tissue culture is an alternative method of propagation for large scale production of plants. Several researchers have developed a protocol for micropropagation of yellow pitaya. However, these reports lack the comprehensive key information on the large production of using tissue culture technology for the clonal propagation of yellow dragon fruit planting material.