Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some Questions from Readers about Dragon Fruits

Here are email sent to me asking about dragon fruits.

Emily Voon 
3:19 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
Dear Zainudin,
I was looking around for improving dragon fruits farming and increase production and yield.  Here I found your website on this.  

Do you have watsapp with the MP 6012-3535411 ?   

Have you seen brown spots which caused dragon fruits stems to rot and it spreaded and the tree will die ?

Any idea on the soil type ?  Diseases of dragon fruits ?  Any opportunities for other types of agric products eg. mushroom growing ?

I look forward to hear from you.

With regards,
Emile Voon


Dear Emily;
Stem rot on dragon fruits are caused by diseases. There many types ; either caused by bacteria or fungus. Diseases caused by bacteria will results in softening of the tissues, later oozing of liquid and later the plants will die. However, diseases caused by fungus will cause browning, patches or even spots. So, crop husbandry is very important meaning that sanitation of the farm should be always clean.

There are occasionally disease could be originated from soils. If the previous land was not treated then, disease may occur on the present plants.