Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show (MAHA) 2010 will be held from end of November to Mid December 2010 this year. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture recently over radiobroadcast. This year will attract 2 million visitors to the show which will be held at the MAEPS in Serdang, Malaysia. So those who did not where the place is , please browse Google Earth.

This is the biggest agricultural event in Malaysia which was once launched in 2008. It has attracted about 1 million visitors then. We expect a lot will turn up this year.

There will be local and international booths from all agriculture sectors, besides naming champion farmer of the year, fisherman of the year, and livestock rearer of the year and many more events. Events from livestock, fishery and agriculture, state pavillions, and whats not.

As time passed by, many improvements have been made especially exposition halls, fields, transportation and so on. One must bring the neccesary items like umbrella, drinks, etc wear sports shoe, T-shirt, stroller or trolley to buy plants etc. Trams will be there to bring you around in 500 acre expo. Don't miss.

The event to held is just next to my office. What a pleasure...Welcome to Malaysia.

Pls contact me if you happen to visit.