Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dragon Fruit Farm In Bukit Mertajam

A visit was made to observe the conditions of two dragon farms in Bukit Mertajam, Penang - red and white varieties. Suprisingly, that both farms were in good conditions meaning that they free from diseases. The yield was about 1.1 ton per ac. per month which is very high. Ex-farm price was good which is about RM5.00 per kg.  Some of the pictures of the farm as below;

The farmer showing his farm and explained some ideas pertaining dragon fruit growing.

 Some of the chemicals using to control pests. Newly blended.
Agarwood trees intercropped with dragon fruits (3 years old) -can not be seen  from far.
Agarwood (gaharu) seedlings ready to be planted .

From my observations, I may conclude that.

1. The sanitation and crop husbandary  was good where diseases and pests surveillance were carried daily.
2. Trained workers is very necessary  where quick action is taken whenever needed.
3. Good input particularly fertilizer quality.
4. Good spraying techniques using boom sprayers to cover most of plant parts.
5. Only reserved visitors allowed. Not opened to all as to control disease and pests .

The farmers was very happy with the farms as he has won twice in the farm competition that was held recently.  I may summarize that the farm could produce quality planting materials as long it follows SIRIM standard.

It is good to know that this farmer also planted agarwood (gaharu) intercropped with dragon fruits. This is done as to increase farm income in the future. Matured agarwood  will fetched up to RM40,000 (fourty thousand)  per kg once marketable after seven years to make perfumes.
Should anyone interested to know more about this farm please kindly email me zainudinhaji@gmail.com.
We are happy to help you in whatever way we can.

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