Friday, September 21, 2007

Dragon Fruit Plantation

Malaysia is blessed with good tropical climate. Besides fruits, many crops can be grown here like rubber, oil palm, paddy and cocoa . One of the most recent newcomers in the Malaysian fruit industry is dragon fruits (Hylocereus polyrhizus). After many trials and errors, dragon cultivation has made its way in the Malaysian fruit industry. Unlike Vietnam and Thailand which had long history of dragon fruit growing, Malaysia is keeping good pace to lead its niche market due to high local demand.

The local name for dragon fruit is ‘buah naga’ or ‘buah mata naga’. In Malaysia, the scale for dragon fruit crop cultivation is very small which is about 300 hectares compared to other crops however, the rate of expansion is increasing tremendously fast. The dragon fruit growing areas are in the states of Johor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Pulau Pinang and Sabah.

Since dragon fruits originated from different climatic conditions, it has to undergo environmental adaptations and agromanagement practices.

If R & D is been prioritize, then one day it will become one of the leading export earner of Malaysia. The pic above shows one of the dragon fruit plantation in Malaysia .This farm is araound 100 acres. There many such farms in the country.


Chamani said...


I like to held dragon friut platation and i want to get planting material from you. Can you help me and Can you give me informations about it?

Thank you.....

Fruitti said...

Hi Chamani

We planted dragon fruit both red and white and we can supply you cuttings.

please let us know quantity required, location, company profile and your email address.

Thank you.

Dragon Eyes Enterprise said...

Hello sir....we would like to exchange link with you...if you agree then we will put yours too in our page...

Ketan said...


I'm Ketan from India. I am keen on doing dragon fruit plantation in India and would like to visit and see the Dragon Fruit plantation in Malaysia.

Do you know anybody who can help me with this.

my email id is


Ketan M.